(Photo: Elissa Loi)Catchily called Peek and Pop (now these new

Gardner Webb was within 10 points of the Huskies early in the second half but, who struggled with his shot all evening, led a charge with his passing ability. Dyson assisted on three consecutive fast break buckets in a span of 45 seconds. The final basket came courtesy of Thabeet, who made an impressive catch … Read more

Use your car to charge your phone

Apple iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7S PlusAlong with the iPhone 8, Apple will also launch the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus. These two phones will have a design similar to that of the current iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus this complicates that Touch ID and Face ID question but with … Read more

There are suits of armor on the front porch

Mushrooms are better in the day time outside. My friend stayed in his room starring at lights while I went outside, his cat came up to me and I asked the cat if he wanted to come with me on an adventure dildos, he meowed so I started walking to the park nearby followed by … Read more

The story cycles between frivolous and wisdom soaked moments

It took years for me to embrace my submissive nature, in part because it seemed to be so antithetical to my feminist beliefs. Then I realized that part of being a feminist, for me, is taking control of my sexuality admitting what I want, and finding a way to have it that keeps me safe … Read more